Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Little Thing (Procedure) I Invented

How to change in a hotel room when in mixed company or with your kids:

You guys are welcome to use this.



Bite oftheweek said...

nice legs!

So next week we are going to Cancun, but when we come back we are going to Moab with the kids for Spring Break.

Can you believe I haven't been since I was very young? Wondering if you had any hot tips for me for that area.

Hope you are well, my friend.

sydbristow said...

Hi bite,

Thanks for popping in and best on your trip and vacation. My brother was telling me about Moab, he's based in the Cdn Rockies and has driven down a couple of times, I never made it that far north. We compared notes when I was telling him about the movie museums in Kanab (we did the loop from Vegas to Zion then around the Grand Canyon toward Page and coming in to the South Rim from the east). We'll be back in the area later this year.

Re Cancun, we've never made it there either, though a lot of good deals to get down there and a favourite destination for Canadians.

My wife wants to see "the wave" (let me see if I can find a pic, though you probably know what I'm talking about: yeah, here), so I think that's on the list this time around. Thanks again ..

Bite oftheweek said...

Gosh, thanks for reminding me about the wave! Maybe if I start applying now, we could get permits to hike there during Fall break for my munchkins!

I'll let you know how I found Moab. Already researching restaurants and wine tasting in the area (the stuff that is important to me)

I have a tentative Itenerary done up. First day, dead horse point then wine tasting that evening. Second Day, hiking in Arches and river rafting. 3rd day, horseback riding.

I probably won't tell you about Cancun, since I don't intend to be sober enough to remember any of it :)

Be well.

sydbristow said...

That is the place for river rafting. I haven't done it, my brother used to be a guide. I couldn't remember the restaurant we ate it in Kanab, but found it here, Escobars. That was the day we did the Angel's Landing climb in Zion, nice way to finish things off. Have fun in Cancun and your other trips, look forward to comparing notes later.

Keifus said...

Looks spoooooky, that's all I'm sayin'.

sydbristow said...

K: yeah, but you'll use it, i bet ... that's all I'm sayin'.

catnapping said...

I figured he was disguising his identity....much in the way schmutzie has, except maybe this guy might be worried that someone will recognize his torso...or his crotch?