Saturday, November 8, 2008

Somebody's going to the Grand Canyon!



hipparchia said...

woo hoo!

sydbristow said...

very unlike her (get her socks dirty)!

i should add, location-wise, this is in south Utah, the Vermillion Cliffs are on the right (her left), it was early, we had escaped from Kanab and were heading to South Rim. also, maybe never had seen a highway that empty!

booby-breasted fraymate said...

i remember back in 82, taking a road trip down us95, and cutting east on i-40, down some i-10.

anyhow...i started out taking scores of photos of the road scenery, when it finally occured to me that the pics i'd taken in nevada looked a helluva lot like the ones i took in arizona, new mexico, and western texas.

so, i just picked out about 6 of them, and wrote a list of the 4 states on the back...and said, you choose.

sydbristow said...

hey booby,

or like watching a western and guessing the state it's filmed in (though utah wins most of those, i guess, based on the "museums" we saw is kanab). but really, there is no smart guess. unless it's snowing or something.

thanks for popping in.

but just as a p.s., we don't see highways that straight and empty up here, ever.

booby-breasted said...

we've got some very straight and empty hwys in eastern can drive for hours, and never see another vehicle. lots of beautiful scenery though...and antelope, lots and lots of antelope.

our speed laws used to reflect that...prudence was all you had to if the cops liked you, and it was sunny and dry out...there was no limit.