Friday, October 17, 2008

Stampy does the cottage

Hmmm, what to do?


No. Swim?


Why not?

[ ... later ... ] But really, can't beat home


p.s. perfect chart from hipparchia


Oct '09

Stampy suffered a broken bone in her tail about a year ago. At 14, she doesn't heal much, and now it appeats that gangrene is setting in. It's too high in the tail to operate (amputate), so, well, ... what can you do?


hipparchia said...


i especially like this one.

sigh... it's painfully obvious that i'm not keeping up in the 'pets by the water' photo category. too bad i didn't get any pictures of the kittens trying to figure out the water bowl back when they were tiny.

sydbristow said...

Those are nice pictures (the beach especially), hipparchia, and by the way, my stampy pics are from my wife, not me. So re her, I like the one you like too, it's a great perspective. Slightly congruent too ("what's wrong with this picture?" perspective) with the pines in the background. She's a great swimmer too, and a natural, first time in the water she had that slithering thing going. Jake's first time in, his paws were slapping the surface of the water, took him a couple tries to get the doggie paddle down. But he's fast, no doubt, I could dive in off the end of the dock with him dozing on the rocks, and he'd be in and caught up to me in seconds. Good diver too.

Also, thanks re the Turkey pics. I'm going to put up some Cappadocia pics soon.