Sunday, August 17, 2008

On feeding the ducks (geese)

You have two choices re the bread:

1) feed them

2) feed yourself


Keifus said...


I had no idea you were keepin' on. Love the sunset photos below.

When my older daughter was roughly that size (not too long ago), we were living close to UConn, with a duck pond in easy biking distance. Dozens of the lazy ungrateful geese just milling around, eating and pooping all year long.

We had one of those horribly unsafe behind-the-seat kid-seat accessories, and one of the funnest things was to put Junior on the back and go tearing through the flock. If they all got up in the air at once, we scored a point or something. Good times.

sydbristow said...


lots of geese in my little 'hood. At one time they were actually going to cull them, but people went bonkers so that idea got shelved. funny watching the cars when they (the geese) decide to cross the road. they all stop, and wait patiently, as if the geese can't frickin fly if they want to!

Thanks re the Nic picks, also, reminders reading Archeo and [can't remember] talking about Costa Rica, was also in Quepos, beautiful town on the Pacific, and Alajuela (mentioned by Archeo) stopping off town before visiting the active volcano Poas (which you want to see in the morning as I recall before the clouds roll in). Anyway, look forward to getting back, I think I'll pick Nicaragua again, they're more desperate for our tourism bucks!